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(Enlace a datos biográficos y obras

2009: Setiembre: Centro Cultural Citibank. Asunción, PY. “Caminos Serigraficos”
2009: Julio/Agosto, Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, IL. "3 Women + 3 Men: 6 Countries (Three Women, Three Men, Expressing Six Iberoamerican Countries)”
2008: Enero/Abril: Mulvane Art Museum. Washburn University. Topeka, KS. “Visual encounters with Paraguay”
2003: Junio: Instituto Cultural de Mexico. Washington, DC. "Paraguay agua= y = water"
2002: Noviembre: Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano. Asunción, PY. “Arte Paraguayo Americano. Semana Cultural Binacional”
2002: Abril: DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Government of the District of Columbia. Washington, DC. "Party animals"
2001: Diciembre: Organization of American States. Washington, DC. “ART / OAS & PAHO S.A. / Annual Exhibition”
1999: Diciembre: SVM / Ambassiata D’Italia. Asunción, PY. “Riflessi d´oltreoceno. Collettiva di artisti di origine italiana in Paraguay”.
1998: Julio: Cinemateque de Toulouse, Francia. “Arte Contemporaneo del Paraguay”
1998: Mayo/Junio: Galeria MM / Arte Latinoamericano. Asunción, PY. “AyudARTE”
1994: Diciembre: Galeria de Arte Patio López. Asunción, PY “Acervo”
1994: Setiembre: Palacio de Justicia. Asunción, PY. “Arte y Justicia”
1994: Junio: Galeria Artesanos. Asunción, PY. “Veinte Años: El Ciclo de Arte Sanos (1974-1994)”
1994: Marzo: Galeria Fabrica. Asunción, PY. “8 Artistas Paraguayos en Washington”
1993: Diciembre: Galeria RM. Asunción, PY. “Originales & Grafica”
1992: Marzo: Centro de Artes Visuales/ Museo del Barro. Asunción, PY. “TRAMO (Arte Contemporaneo)”
1991: Julio: Arte Espacio/ EXPO 91. Mariano Roque Alonso, PY.
1991: Junio: UNION LATINA. Semaine Culturelle Latinoaméricaine- Le Paraguay au Luxembourg, Belgique (Bruxelles) & France(Lille).
1991: Mayo: Centro Cultural Puerta de Toledo. Madrid, Espana. “Siete Pintores del Paraguay”.
1991: Centro Cultural Villa de Madrid, Espana
1991: Teatro Colon. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1990: Diciembre: Galeria Artesanos. Asuncion, PY. “In Crescendo”
1989: Diciembre: Galeria Michele Malingue. Asunción, PY.
1989: Diciembre: Centro de Artes Visuales. Asunción, PY. “Obrabierta 89”
1989: Noviembre: Centro de Estudios Brasileños. Asunción, PY. En conmemoración del Centenario de la proclamación de la República de Brasil.
1988: Diciembre: Asuncion Design Center /Supermercado del arte. Asunción, PY
1988: Noviembre: Centro de Artes Visuales. Asunción, PY. “Obrabierta 88”
1988: Setiembre: Galeria de Arte Miro. Asunción, PY. “Asunción: Pintura–Dibujo –Fotografía”
1998: Abril: Galeria Belmarco/ MM Arte Latinoamericano. Asunción, PY. "Perfiles o Asunción by night"
1997: Marzo: Galeria Scappini Lamarca. Asunción, PY. “De angeles y guardianes"
1994: Setiembre: Galeria de Arte Patio López. Asunción, PY. “A proposito de la Encarnación”
1994: Agosto: Galeria Fabrica. Asunción, PY. "Plegables o los laberintos de la memoria"
1992: Setiembre: Centro de Estudios Brasileños. Asunción, PY. "Obra en papel 1989-1992"
1991: Marzo: Galeria Artesanos. Asunción, PY. “Maroma o Io, la vaquilla torturado por un mosc(ard)ón (o simplemente Torota)”
1989: Mayo/Junio: Galeria Artesanos. Asunción, PY. "ROMPECABEZAS"

Oscar Centurion is a preservation architect and a painter. He uses acrylic paints, and mixed techniques on canvas, cardboard and other different types of support. Since 1989, his works have been featured in individual and group exhibits, and are held by private, public and corporate collections, in Paraguay and in other countries of the Americas, and in Europe. In the United States, he participated in the DC Party Animals public arts project, in 2002. His work (donkey: “che burrito lambare”) was selected to be part of the exhibition project organized by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities of the Government of the District of Columbia. In 2008, he exhibited at the Washburn University Art Gallery (Topeka, KS) in a group exhibition organized by the Partners Kansas-Paraguay Committee (Partners of the Americas). In DC, he also exhibited at the Mexican Cultural Institute in 2003 (y=water=agua).
On the occasion of his exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas (Washington, DC) in 1992, the critic and art curator, Ticio Escobar wrote: “Oscar Centurion comes onstage with an image seething with emphatic torrential forms; a whirlwind of disorderly forces and nervous strokes that suddenly fill yards of cloth. Now the fragments reassemble like faint storm clouds, like figures seeking to recover their destiny by coalescing into unknown landscapes, into representations still unnamed? Unknown? Testing perhaps, one of the many outcomes that the besieged image of our day offers for the collapse of the old modern unity”.
He has extensive experience in commissions of large size art works and public art projects, in his native Asuncion (Paraguay) and also in Washington, DC, where he resides since 2000.
A partial list of prizes and honors he has been awarded includes the Ahorros Paraguayos Award (First Prize winner in drawing, 1988), the Air France & l' Alliance Francaise Award (First prize in painting, 1989) and the COPAH Award from the Panamerican Committee of Historic Patrimony (1995).
He exhibited in his own right at the Arte-Sanos Gallery ( 1989/ 91/ 93/ 95 /97), Patio Lopez Art Gallery (1994), Fabrica Art Gallery (1995), Belmarco Latin American Art Gallery (1998) and the Brazilian Cultural Center (1992). Also in Paraguay, since 1986 he has participated in group exhibitions in several Art Galleries and local institutions such as : The Contemporary Art Museum/ Center of Visual Arts of Asuncion, The City Cultural Center of Asuncion and The National Museum of Fine Arts.
Outside the country, since 1990, he has participated in group exhibitions in many cities of the American and European continents. His work was selected to be part of a traveling exhibition of Paraguayan art which toured Guadalajara (Mexico , 1991), Madrid (Spain , 1992) and Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1994). Elected by the Union Latina he participated in the voyaging exhibition of Paraguayan artists in several European cities including Luxembourg , Brussels and Paris , in 1991.
Education and other skills
Along with architectural conservation, he also studied drawing and painting with the artist Livio Abramo, at the Brazilian Cultural Center and completed studies in Architecture at the National University of Asuncion. Also in Paraguay, he studied at the School of Fine Arts.He was awarded a fellowship from the British Council to study urban & regional planning at the EDINBURGH University (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK), and also a fellowshipfrom the UNESCO to study architectural conservation at the ICCROM (International Center for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property of Rome, Italy) in 1990.
Professional Affiliations / Public Service
Member of several cultural and historic preservation organizations : ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), SIRCHAL ( Site International sur la Revitalisation des Centres Historiques d'Amerique Latine et des Caraibes). Chaired the Paraguayan National Committee of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and the Paraguayan Center of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, from 1994 to 2000. He also leaded the Historic Districts Office of the City of Asuncion and the General Direction of Cultural Property, and he also worked as an advisor at the Under Secretary of Culture and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay.
He taught at the National University of Asuncion and chaired the Kansas-Paraguay Committee's Cultural Exchange Program (PARTNERS OF THE AMERICAS). In Washington, DC, he worked at the Museum of the Americas Foundation as Consultant_International Outreach (2002/03), and at the Embassy of Paraguay in Washington DC , as Cultural Attache (2005/09).
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